Sunday, April 17, 2011

And so it begins...

So. After literally months of thinking about actually writing a blog...I mean, who would want to read it, that's the big question...and what would I talk about...and would it make a hill-of-beans difference to anyone, outside of myself, as to whether or not I say anything...and (most importantly) this something the Lord wants me to do and - if so - why??? After all that - and oh yeah, multitudes of prayers about guidance (and not receiving anything remotely resembling divine handwriting on the wall, giving specific instructions) I am. At this point, I might as well be looking in a mirror, talking to myself. Well, not actually looking in a mirror, that would be downright scary - but writing something that not a single soul in this world knows about - yet, anyway. So what on earth am I doing? Ever heard the saying, "you're so heavenly minded, you're no earthly good?" Sounds very practical, even as a Christian - sounds like something a mother would say. "Get your head out of the clouds, there's practical things to be done." Well, I disagree with that statement. Strongly disagree. I happen to believe that unless we are "heavenly minded," we don't have a prayer of being any "earthly good" - to anyone. It's Palm Sunday. I don't know about your church, but God showed up this morning at mine. And, I don't mean to sound flippant when I say that. His Word was declared, strongly, passionately, without hesitation or apology. Christ's atoning, sacrificial death was explained clearly, boldly, with gratitude and praise. I wept my way through the first service, and headed to my classroom (where I lead a Life Group for women) pretty much devoid of the make-up I had so carefully applied earlier - only to continue the struggle with tears during most of my teaching time. Why? Because we were studying through Ephesians 1 - that passionate outpouring of the Apostle Paul where he piles extravagant phrases on top of each other as he tries to explain who we are and what we have IN Christ Jesus. Key word, that - "in Him. In Christ. In the Beloved. In Him." Then we went to Paul's prayers in chapters 1 and 3. And as we did that, we looked at the prayer list for our church family that is included in each Sunday's bulletin. It gets longer every week - and more heartbreaking. Cancer - everywhere - much of it terminal. Children lost in tragic accidents. Marital problems. The elderly struggling with health issues - many of them alone. Unemployment. Loss of loved ones. Wayward children. Unsaved relatives. Brothers and sisters seeking answers, discernment, direction, help, support, God's will. And what does Paul pray for? "That the eyes of our heart may be enlightened...that we may know..." - what? How to get out of our problems? No. That we might know His steadfast love, the length and breadth and depth and height of it - that we might know Him. He is the Answer. He is everything. And so this afternoon and into the evening, I have been burdened (there really is no other word) with your pain - and with the absolute certainty that Jesus Christ is the Answer to it. Do you know that? Do you know Him? So it journey put into words, offered with the prayer that I may be of some support, some encouragement, some enlightenment, some comfort, some help, some teaching, perhaps even some direction. For my sake and self-satisfaction? No. For His glory, for the furtherance of His kingdom, that His will may be done, in my little corner of the world as it is in Heaven. You have to hit "save" at the end of these things, in order to post to your page. I do so as an action - and as a prayer. "Save...Lord,"

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